Five Effective Ways to Reduce Lawsuits Resulting from Incidents Occurring at Holiday Parties

According to the executive search firm Battalia Winston, 96% of corporations surveyed stated that they would hold holiday parties for their employees this year ― its highest level since 1997. That is up from 91% last year and 74% from two years ago. The survey also showed that 89% of the companies intended to spend […]

Leading Employment Lawyer Says Investigation into Dunkin Donuts Franchise Illustrates the Importance of Not Underpaying its Employees

Attorney Steven Mitchell Sack, “The Employee’s Lawyer,” discussed the investigation into a Dunkin Donuts franchise in which the company was required to pay its employees back wages for work they have done.

The U.S. Department of Labor recently ordered QSR Management, a franchise operator based in Edison, New Jersey, to pay approximately $200,000 to 64 […]

Fox Guests Battle Over New CVS Health Policy, Resort To Personal Attacks: ‘You Just Write Books!’

CVS has outraged many by announcing that it wants all employees who wish to use its health plan to submit health information such as weight, body fat, and blood sugar. Those who don’t comply with the drug store chain’s new policy will face a $600/year fine. To debate the merits and fairness of this move, […]

Steven Mitchell Sack Says Those Who Post Negative Reviews and Comments Online May Face Lawsuits

Steven Mitchell Sack appeared on “FOX & Friends” on December 7 to discuss how negative statements and comments about a business, competitor, contractor or person on the Internet may expose the author to expensive litigation.


Part III. More Strategies to Effectively Resign From a Job

Another important point to remember is to always review your current contract or letter of agreement. If notice is required to be given, do this so you will not violate the contract’s obligations. For example, if your contract requires you to give 30 days’ notice before leaving, you must do so to avoid the company […]

Part II. How To Effectively Resign From a Job

Whenever possible, sign a written contract with a new employer before resigning. A written contract with a definite term (for example, six months or one year) can protect you from situations where the new employer changes its mind and decides not to hire you, or fires you after a short period of time. This often […]

Why It’s Best to Never Resign From a Job

Most employees do not know how to resign properly. The slightest mistake can cause the forfeiture of valuable benefits. Some people resign without receiving a job offer from a new employer. Later, after learning the new job did not materialize, they are unable to be rehired by their former employer and spend months out of […]

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