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60 Seconds With Steven Mitchell Sack, author, “The Employee Rights Handbook”

Recently, the Supreme Court has become favorably disposed to recognizing retaliation in the workplace. | Read More »

Waiters Held Entitled to Tips Included in ‘Service Charges’

The “service charge” that is typically tacked onto food service contracts for larger gatherings must be passed on in full to employees eligible for gratuities, like wait staff, if the …| Read More »

Help a friend: Growing Job Dangers??? Bottom Line to the Rescue

You can’t fire me — I quit! Such an outburst often works in movies. In real life, however, it is foolhardy. | Read More »

Steps to Take When You Are Fired, Part II

Here are some solid strategies you can use if you are unexpectedly fired. | Read More »

When Reps Are Fired, Part I: Post-Termination Options

Until recently, reps had few options to assert when they were fired. This was due to a legal principle known as the “employment at will” doctrine, which was generally … | Read More »

Attorney, Author Sack Advises Women on Sexual Harassment

Labor and employment lawyer Steven Mitchell Sack says that while statistically harassment in the work place is decreasing, with more women entering the work place, the … | Read More »

Antitrust, Part III: Price Discrimination

The prime objective of antitrust law is to preserve competition. Who can argue with that? Obviously though, a lot of people do. | Read More »

Antitrust, Part II: The Sherman and Clayton Acts

The Sherman Act prohibits “contracts, combinations, and conspiracies” in restraint of trade. The Primary objective of this law is the preservation of competition — and who … | Read More »

Defamation: A Sales Force Liability

Sales representatives frequently compare the qualities and characteristics of their product or service with a competitor’s during the sales presentation. | Read More »

You Can Keep a Secret

Sales employees and independent reps often resign from a job or are lured away to a rival company to compete directly against their former employers. | Read More »

Word to the Wise…Put It In Writing

There is an important trend in sales and marketing (which has little to do with demographics, consumer attitudes or incentive trips) that is taking place in the courts. | Read More »

Steps to Take When You Are Fired – Part Two

In the last issue, Sack outlined post termination options available to you. Now, he puts forth some solid strategies you can use if you are unexpectedly fired. | Read More »

Supreme Court on Affirmative Action: What Top Court’s Decision Means to You

Employers who take positive steps to boost their employment rolls with females, minorities, and veterans now may have to scrutinize their hiring and promotion practices. | Read More »

Check the Law Before You Fire! Alcoholic Workers Protected Under ADA

Harry sips from a plastic pop bottle throughout his shift. By midafternoon, his movements are uncoordinated, and the quality of his work is deteriorating. | Read More »

Strategies to Protect Your Commissions and Lines While Working

While representing a principal, there are many steps to take to reduce the chances of commission payment problems. | Read More »

Fire For Personality Conflict? ‘Yes, but …’

John snubs his coworkers. Jelly talks back to her supervisor. And Nell never has a good thing to say about anyone or anything – especially the company. | Read More »

Watch out! New Tax Consequences in Employee Lawsuit Payouts

Savvy executives know that when their companies are hit with employee lawsuits for alleged age, sex, or race discrimination, it’s smart to structure settlements to minimize … | Read More »

A Day Off and a Dollar Short

Few companies are aware of recent U.S. Departmend of Labor regulations that penalize employers who grant partial-day, unpaid leaves of absence to salaried workers. | Read More »

Law Helps When Fighting Lay-off Dragon

Call it what you will — downsizing, restructuring, career alternative enhancement program, or negative employee retention — in plain English, you’ve been fired. | Read More »

Danger May Lurk Under The Dock Of The Pay

Recent changes in federal overtime rules may make employers liable for back pay judgments if they grant salaried workers part-time unpaid leaves or dock them for taking … | Read More »

14 Practical Strategies to Help Avoid and Defend Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

A prohibited form of sex discrimination is harassment. In 1986, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that sexual harassment was actionable under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act … | Read More »

More on the Family and Medical Leave Act

A major concern faced by pregnant workers has been the ability to get their jobs back after giving birth. | Read More »

Beware of Spoken Promises During Hiring Sessions

More courts throughout the United States are ruling that employees have the right to reliy on representations made before hiring and during the working relationship. | Read More »

Affirmative Action Is It a Fair Shake or a Dead Issue?

Legally, affirmative action policies and requirements are not a dead issue, but 1993’s graduating class of minority entry-level engineers will find that the setting in which affirmative action takes place has changed from the boom of the ’80s. | Read More »

Know Your Rights (At The Interview)

You’ve targeted prospective employers, impressed company officials with you résumé, and bought a suit that exudes power and confidence. But, wait, are you prepared to handle potentially illegal interview questions? | Read More »

Every Firing is Negotiable

Steven Sack offers some simple advice to anyone who gets fired or laid off during the upcoming holiday season: Negotiate. | Read More »

Steps to Take if You’re Fired From Your Job

Call it what you will — downsizing, restructuring, career alternative enhancement program, or negative employee retention — in plain English, you’ve been fired. | Read More »

Tales on the Road Guided Him to Law

When Steven Mitchell Sack of Oceanside was a smal boy, he often took to the road with his father, Bernard, who was a commission salesman in the women’s apparel industry. | Read More »

Now…Top New York Labor Lawyer — Steven Mitchell Sack — Tells you How to Fight Back!

Are you the victim of age, race, religious or handicap discrimiation? Do you know how to collect op dollars in severance pay? (Hint: NEVER accept the first offer. | Read More »

Strategies To Fire Properly

More than 250,000 employees are terminated illegally or unjustly each year, exposing companies to significant damages, hug legal bills and bad publicity. | Read More »

Fighting Discrimination on the Job

Although employment discrimination is illegal, it is commonly practiced throughout the United States. More than 130,000 formal complaints are currently filed with the Equal … | Read More »