New York Employee’s Lawyer

Hi Arlene and Damaris [New York City Bar Legal Referral Service],

Just want to thank you for providing a referral of the most awesome attorney for my friend. Mr. Sack is just what my friend needed at this time. He is amazing, prompt, keeps his promise and a “cut to the chase” kind of professional. So grateful that the Association has such talent within our ranks.

—Judith M.

I had another interaction with Steven Sack over a vendor contract conflict and wanted to make sure I made mention of the experience.  Having access to him is a tremendous asset to us as sales reps where we’re out of our depth when it comes to legal situations.  Steven is super responsive and gets right back to you on whatever issue you’re facing.  He helped me this morning with a response letter to one of my vendors and put me in a much better position to see the result I want.  Anyhow, I wanted to make sure I shared the positive feedback.  Love that guy!  He’s a bulldog, and, if you can keep up with the furious pace he operates at, you certainly end up in a stronger position to negotiate.  Thanks for establishing this relationship.

—Bill. F., Eastern Approach

A Master at his Legal Craft!

Steven Mitchell Sack is the best Employment and Labor lawyer in New York City. As a successful business owner for the past 33 years, I have hired him for different cases. Mr. Sack has handled numerous cases for me and won each one with a dedication and support that was relieving, impressive and cost effective. After a complimentary consultation with him he was able to take my cases and give me a timely result! Most lawyers drag cases on. Mr Sack adds his Midas touch to legal matters and I have referred many business colleagues that were just as happy. He is a very nice person and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend him!!! Look no more!!! Employer or Employee Problems……This man is an expert!

—Robin M.

Outstanding! A lawyer with human compassion.

“During a horrific ordeal approximately four and one half years ago, I was depressed anxious and beside myself. I was in desperate need of an attorney. I was seeking out a lawyer who I could completely trust, be compassionate and understanding of the mental and emotional anguish that I was feeling at the time. A lawyer who was professional and understood the specific law and its processes. When I didn’t know who, what or where to turn to, I reached out to a friend and was referred to Steven Sack. Steven was all the things I hoped and wished for in an attorney. He was a godsend! During the consultation Steven patiently and intensively listened to what I had to say. Steven was not dismissive or crude to the things I was explaining to him. He however, was focused and allowed me to state my situation. In a professional manner, Steven inquired about the facts and evidence that I could offer to substantiate my case. Steven carefully analyzed and reviewed the information I had in my possession. His preliminary assessment was relieving. He in his professional wisdom stated to me that indeed there was a legitimate case. Steven’s encouragement and moral support made feel human and worthy again. He then indicated the steps that we’re going to be necessary to take moving forward. We began to pursue legal action. It was important to both Steven and I to consistently communicate telephonically and or via email. Steven was always made himself available to speak to me at any given time. Whenever, I had doubts or a question Steven gave me moral and professional support. I am happy to say that after two years of diligently working my case, that it was gratifyingly concluded.

In conclusion…when you find a dedicated and sincere attorney who willingly gives his/her all to fight for a righteous cause, it is a wonderful feeling when you emerge victoriously.

I wish you the very best in your legal endeavors. Godspeed to you always!”

—Francesca G.

“I have been a member of the National Shoe Travelers (NST) Organization for several years now and have never given a thought about needing a lawyer. When I found out that my company was letting me go a week before Christmas, Mr. Steven M. Sack was the first person I called.

What was impressive is that Steven answered my phone call to him personally. What was even more impressive is that he gave me specific details and instructions as to what was going to happen and what to do next.

I followed his instructions to the letter and less than 3 weeks, he was able to negotiate a more than satisfactory settlement towards my separation agreement with my former company.

Mr. Sack answered every phone call, text message and email that I sent to him giving me assurance that I was in ‘good hands’ and I couldn’t agree with that statement more.

He is an exceptional attorney and I recommend that you contact him immediately if you’re ever in the same situation I was in. I also recommend that you read his book ‘THE EMPLOYEE RIGHTS HANDBOOK’. It’s a little bit of a read but quite an eye opener.

Thank you, Steven for your help. I am forever grateful for your services.”

—Teodoro “Jon” N.

“I want to thank you for your wonderful service. I ended up working with Steven Mitchell Sack whom you recommended. He was incredible and recently resolved my case regarding a severance payout from my former employer. Mr. Sack was extremely precise, professional, kept to a time line, and always called when he said he would. He was also very supportive and reassuring. He offered a lot of help during this difficult time one experiences when they have lost their job. I would highly recommend him to anyone with a need for an employee’s lawyer. His book, ‘The Employee Rights Handbook‘ (which he self publishes and is generously included in the $35.00 consultation fee) is extremely handy as well.

“Again, I really lucked out the day I contacted you and followed through with your referral of Steven Mitchell Sack.”

Thank you,

“Steven extended an outstanding effort, and effective service, which resolved a complex matter with an ex-employer. I can’t imagine having better attorney services than Steven. He represents an immeasurable credit to the National Shoe Travelers. His contribution confirms that my NST membership is essential to my work in the footwear industry.”
—Rick B.

“Mr. Sack was phenomenal. He was extremely clear, helpful, and realistic but at the same time energizing, very hardworking and fast. He gave me strength to keep going when I wanted to collapse and hide. The defense memo he helped me hone made the bosses back off and gave hope to other co-workers and helped them find their voice. Thank you to all the lawyers who participate in the LRS.”
—Alice H.

“Simply written and easy to digest, this book may save you some serious money in determining what your rights are in the workplace. If you feel you have been discriminated against, want to know what the grounds are for an illegal firing, or are unsure of what kind of lawyer to see if you are planning to sue, you should get a copy…”
—New Woman Magazine

“Steven Mitchell Sack discusses what is and isn’t legal in the workplace.”
—Publisher’s Weekly

“The Employee Rights Handbook may very well be the authoritative text on the pitfalls of being a employee . . . Sack has somehow managed to take all of this detailed, complicated, and relatively dry information and make it very readable and interesting. The book is well worth the money regardless of your occupation and locale.”
—Career Corner

“The good news is that if you’re fired or laid off, the odds are that you have more rights than you think. You most probably have more coming to you than your employer thinks you have.”
—The Computer Marketing Newsletter

“I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the work you did on my behalf. I know it wasn’t easy.
Now that I have made the decision to pursue a greater compensation through litigation, if necessary, I feel much better.
Thank you once again for making this whole experience more bearable.”

Maria Cosentino

“I am writing you to thank you for writing the book “Getting Fired.” Due to what I learned in your book I was able to leave my former position with a generous severance package. This package included my vacation pay, additional pay, bonus, and a positive reference. I was able to get all of this despite the fact that I had been with my former employer for only eight months.
Thanks to you, during my time of unemployment I have not had to struggle and have lived relatively well. Without the knowledge I gained from your book, I may not have been able to leave my former employer on a positive note.”

Yours truly,
Alfonzo Mason

“All in all, I felt that your testimony was very important to our case; it was the spark we needed, particularly since our evidence had become so cold as the result of delays in the proceedings.
Jim and I also want to thank you for the autographed copies of your book, and your kind inscriptions inside the cover. That was a touch of class and a pleasant surprise.”

Best regards,
Mason H. Rose, V

“I received the books today and have forwarded them to Kevin and Ken with your compliments.
I appreciate the fine manner in which you supported my efforts during the recent negotiations with [name withheld].
Do not hesitate to contact me if I can ever be of service to you. I certainly will be in contact with you if a similar situation should arise.”


“Noted labor attorney Steven Mitchell Sack provides invaluable information for all working women on their job rights and workplace issues. He is a gold mine!”
—Good Morning America

“If you feel that you have been discriminated against, want to know what the grounds are for an illegal firing, or are unsure of what kind of lawyer to see if you’re planning to sue an employer, you should get a copy of The Employee Rights Handbook… The book is simply written and easy to digest for those without a law degree… Since hiring a labor lawyer can quickly drain anyone’s bank account, this book may save you some serious money in determining what your rights are in the workplace.”
—New Woman Magazine

“Author and lawyer Steven Mitchell Sack offers tips that all workers should use to empower themselves… If there’s one message driving Sack through his work, it’s know your rights.”
—The Detroit News

“Sack is a kind of lone ranger in barrister’s garb who has real passion when it comes to workplace rights.”
—The Philadelphia Jewish Exponent

“Attorney Sack offers an impressive amount of useful information.”
—Library Journal

“Sack knows the law and what you can do… His information is invaluable.”