Why It’s Best to Never Resign From a Job

Most employees do not know how to resign properly. The slightest mistake can cause the forfeiture of valuable benefits. Some people resign without receiving a  job offer from a new employer. Later, after learning the new job did not materialize, they are unable to be rehired by their former employer and spend months out of work unnecessarily. Others are tricked by a company and told to resign instead of getting fired. The problem is that they then learn the hard way they are not entitled to collect valuable unemployment compensation benefits as a result of this.

But it doesn’t have to happen this way;  such problems can be avoided by thinking ahead. A proper resignation occurs when you are able to step into a new job with increased benefits without missing a day’s pay, have no legal exposure, and collect what you are owed from the former employer

The golden rule is never quit a job if you can help it. Refuse an employer’s offer to resign whenever possible. This is because if you resign you may be waiving a claim for unemployment and other termination benefits such as an earned bonus or commission. This is a trap many employees fall into. In the next few days I will post a number of practical strategies to educate you in this area. Until tomorrow, take care and know your rights.

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