Welcome interested parties everywhere to my first legal blog!

Good afternoon everyone. I am so excited to launch my legal blog. I intend to provide practical, valuable, and usable tips and strategies to help everyone avoid workplace exploitation  no matter what industry you work  in, or the level of your job experience.

If you have a topic that you want me to discuss, feel free to send me an e-mail at sms@stevensack.com. Or, you can always reach me at 917-371-8000 to briefly discuss any matter of concern and I will try to give you quick advice without charging a legal fee. Remember the concept of preventive law really works and I will apply my more than 32 years of practical experience representing thousands of executives, employees, and sales reps  to help you in all phases concerning your job. This blog was a long time coming but I finally found competent people to assist me including John Zaher and Hannah Perez at The Public Relations  and Marketing Group. So get ready for some amazing information because I intend to blog every day with important money making, money saving suggestions.

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