Part II. How To Effectively Resign From a Job

Whenever possible, sign a written contract with a new employer before resigning.  A written contract with a definite term (for example, six months or one year) can protect you from situations where the new employer changes its mind and decides not to hire you, or fires you after a short period of time. This often happens with devastating consequences but can be avoided by insisting on a valid agreement with job security before starting work.  If the new employer does not agree to this, think twice before jumping ship.

Many clients forget to get a firm commitment of job security from a new employer before they resign from a good job. On some occasions, unfortunate workers sell their homes and relocate their family to a distant locale, only to discover they aren’t happy or that the employer is not satisfied with the arrangements shortly after the move is made.

Remember, a job is like a romance. Companies woo applicants with promises of fulfillment and riches. Then, when the honeymoon is over, even highly qualified people find themselves being treated unfairly. This is the nature of the working world, Remember this for your own good. Never leave a job voluntarily without a strong employment agreement from your new company if you can help it.

More tips and strategies will be offered tomorrow on this important subject.



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