New York Passes Paid Quarantine Compensation Law

New York State has passed a law guaranteeing pay and job security for employees forced to quarantine themselves as a result of the coronavirus. The law comes as many New Yorkers are forced to work from home, and many others are left jobless due to quarantine procedures. The purpose of the new law is to protect people’s jobs and incomes at a time when it’s unclear how many businesses will be able to open again once the threat of the coronavirus passes. Continue reading “New York Passes Paid Quarantine Compensation Law”

Employers Ask Employees to Work from Home Due to Coronavirus

Many employers like having their employees work in an office, even when it isn’t strictly necessary. It allows them to keep their resources and personnel in one place, and it allows them to oversee and control their employees’ activities more efficiently. With concerns about the coronavirus growing, however, more employers are looking at the benefits of having their employees work from home. Continue reading “Employers Ask Employees to Work from Home Due to Coronavirus”