Bloomberg Settles Overtime Wages Case in New York

Recently, the New York Post reported that Bloomberg, a financial media company, has agreed to pay $3.2 million in a settlement for overtime wages.  The Manhattan federal class-action lawsuit was initiated by customer service employees who claimed they were not compensated for overtime.

It was reported that Bloomberg has a “notoriously demanding work culture.” This is exemplified by the accessibility through technology for one employee to know if another employee is in their terminal and logged in through their cell phone. The same technology shows who has entered and exited the building at any given time.

In furtherance of this demanding environment, salaried employees communicated that they felt pressured to come in early, work through lunch, stay late, and then take work home. Bloomberg denied some of the allegations made by employees, and stated that even if a specific employee worked overtime, they were not entitled to extra pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act and New York labor laws. In the end, Bloomberg chose to settle the case before it reached the trial stage.

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