The Weekends are for Fun!…..Or Are They?

As an employee, you have many responsibilities. As a result, you treasure the time you have off to enjoy your life with family and friends doing the things you love to do. A nice vacation, a golf outing, or maybe just a day at home relaxing are all activities many employees look forward to during […]

Can Your Employer Legally Be a Snoop?

As you’re at work, it is likely you send many emails a day, perhaps even a few personal emails. As a result, employees wonder about an important question: Whether during a break or during your paid time, is it ok for your employer to look through your emails or other correspondence without your permission? The […]

The Limits to an Employer’s Search

An employer has certain rights to manage his/her business as he/she seems fit, and to ensure a safe working environment. However, an employee, as well as a private individual has certain privacy rights that the law protects. So where is the line drawn between what an employer is allowed to search for and where? And […]

The Employer’s Responsibilities Regarding Immigration

The Employer’s Responsibilities Regarding Immigration

Immigration is a controversial topic, especially in the last ten years. And no matter what side of the spectrum you are on, there is one thing for sure: the law is the law.

Here’s a section of my book “The Employee Rights Handbook” that discusses inspections and employer’s immigration […]

Unemployment Hearings 101

Many people who are fired forfeit valuable unemployment insurance benefits. This is because they do not know how to act or represent themselves properly at unemployment hearings. Many are told by unemployment personnel that a lawyer or other representative is not required and that preparation for the hearing is unnecessary. They then attend the hearing […]

Age is Just a Number…Or At Least It Should Be

As the economy took a turn for the worse, many individuals that would have reached retirement age have chosen to stay in the workplace longer in order to stay afloat with their bills. Out of necessity, it is a reality that many older employees are in the workforce more than ever before. However, many employers […]

A Right to Money After Being Fired

Have you been fired right before an expected bonus or other anticipated financial benefit? If so, you may still have a claim to that money that you were owed.

Here’s a section of my book “The Employee Rights Handbook” that deals with just that. Read now and get informed!


Negotiating Strategies to Achieve Maximum Compensation (Part Four)

“What will happen, God forbid, if something happens to someone in my family?” This is a scary question for anyone, but especially terrifying for someone who has just lost their job and their health benefits. After you are fired, many stresses and concerns run through your head. One of these concerns is what will happen […]

Negotiating Strategies to Achieve Maximum Compensation (Part Three)

For almost every individual, security in the future is a critical aspect of life. Employees often have this concern for their future and contribute into a retirement account or plan for the unknown with a long-term savings plan.

Knowing how to negotiate after being fired in a way that may save your goals and long-term […]

Negotiating Strategies to Achieve Maximum Compensation (Part Two)

As part one in this series states, employees deserve the right to negotiate in order to attempt to achieve the best options possible. Here is Part two which describes other aspects of the work place and negotiating strategies.