Steve Sack Interviewed by Forbes About U.S. Age Discrimination Laws

Steven Mitchell Sack, “The Employee’s Lawyer,” was interviewed by for an article on whether the United States would update its age discrimination laws to match those of The Equality Act in the United Kingdom, which permits younger workers to sue employers for age discrimination. Mr. Sack said such a law would be difficult to implement.

“While it’s a great question in theory, an expanded law will never happen because it’s illogical and impractical in practice,” Mr. Sack said. “Protecting a 28-year-old from age discrimination is silly. It’s hard enough to prove it when you have a 60-year-old, unless you have substantial proof.”

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Workplace Closures and Severance Pay

Vox reported that employees of the department store Sears were let go after the retailer announced it was shutting down its stores. Many store associates were told they would receive an eight-week severance package, but, according to the article, after two weeks, the checks stopped coming after Sears announced it was filing for bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Sears executives were allowed to collect $25 million in bonuses after the filing, according to the Chicago Business Journal.
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