Psychological Workplace Bullying and its Effects

Having a boss or supervisor who constantly yells or curses at you is engaging in psychological workplace bullying. The employee who is on the receiving end of this abuse usually does not feel the physical pain as if he or she were assaulted by their boss. But the pain is still real, nonetheless.

Psychological harassment occurs just as frequently as sexual harassment, but it is not as frequently reported. That is because, when the employee is being abused by the superior, he or she believes that their superior is right and they are the problem. As a result, the worker does not believe they are the victim in this situation.
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Former Employee Loses Job After Reporting Discrimination

As an employee, you spend much of your time and energy dedicated to your work and career. In return, you expect compensation but you also expect to be treated fairly, honestly and with respect. Unfortunately, workplace discrimination occurs all too often around the country and it acts a reminder of the difficulties many employees have to face.

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“The Employee’s Lawyer” Says Unpaid Interns Deserve Same Workplace Protection Rights as Paid Employees

Also Calls for Financial Compensation for Performing Certain Work Duties

Attorney Steven Mitchell Sack, “The Employee’s Lawyer,” says that college students who perform work duties at companies without pay should be extended the same protection from sexual harassment in the workplace as their paid counterparts. He says the fact that they are unpaid should not make them more susceptible targets of their co-workers’ or supervisors’ unwanted advances.

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