Sexual Harassment Doesn’t Only Happen Between Males And Females

New York City has statutes protecting employees from sexual harassment and other offensive conduct in the workplace. Sexual harassment includes sexual remarks, images, jokes, or any other conduct by a co-worker or superior that creates a hostile or intolerable work environment. Most sexual harassment claims are made between female employees regarding the actions of male coworkers or supervisors. However, sexual harassment claims are not limited to acts committed by men against women. In a recent case, according to the New York City Commission on Human Rights, a female chief executive officer (CEO) made inappropriate sexual remarks towards female employees.

Here, the complainant was the head of public relations for a New York City advertisement company. According to publications, the complainant alleged that the female CEO frequently made inappropriate sexual comments in front of and about the female employees. In addition, she claims that the CEO changed her clothes in the office for people to see, as well as touched employees inappropriately. She further alleges that the CEO led meetings through FaceTime while in inappropriate settings.

Another situation of sexual harassment involved a Wayne County Sheriff’s officer who complained to a male supervisor about a female boss and was dismissed and laughed at. The man, 53, filed an employment lawsuit claiming his female boss sexually harassed him for a year and his employer failed to address the situation. According to the complaint, the female boss made unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate comments, drove past his home, and called and texted him. The comments included:

  • “Did you see ’50 Shades of Grey’? I bet you are just like him in bed.”
  • “I’d love to sit in your Jacuzzi topless.”

According to the lawsuit, after the man filed a claim, the female boss retaliated by alleging that he sexually assaulted her. An investigation was issued and he was not charged. However, he was demoted, which cost him $10,000 a year. The man’s lawsuit seeks economic damages, such as loss of income, among others.

Sexual harassment and discrimination come in many different forms. If you have been a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, contact an experienced New York employment law attorney who can help protect your legal rights. Call Steven Mitchell Sack at (917) 371-8000 or email him at

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