After Eight Years, Terminated Employees Receive $6.2 Million Jury Verdict in Pregnancy Discrimination Case against Medical Services Company

Scott A. Lucas of  The Law Offices of Scott A. Lucas and Steven Mitchell Sack of The Law Offices of Steven Mitchell Sack have recently helped three women who were fired from their jobs for being pregnant obtain a $6.2 million jury verdict in the matter of Santana, et. al v. G.E.B. Medical Management, Inc., et. al., 305261-08.

In the lawsuit, the three women — two of whom worked as an administrative assistants and another as a biller — established themselves as solid performers, but when it was discovered that they were pregnant or suspected of being pregnant, they were harassed by their employer, falsely accused of poor performance and later fired. The employees had only been with the company for less than a year. Two were fired in October 2006; the third was fired in March 2007.

In 2008, a lawsuit was filed in New York State Supreme Court, Bronx County, citing wrongful termination and the mental, physical and emotional distress the women suffered after being harassed and fired. However, the case did not go to trial until August 3, 2015. After 43 days, on September 15, 2015, a jury ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. The trio was awarded $4.5 million in compensatory damages, $181,000 in lost wages and $1.5 million in punitive damages.

“This verdict sends a message to all employers that they cannot harass and fire women for being pregnant,” Trial Counsel Mr. Lucas said. “They experienced some terrible circumstances as a result of their termination of employment and it is only right they are being justly compensated.”

“It was a very satisfying victory, despite the amount of time it took for the case to be heard,” said Mr. Sack, who served as the plaintiffs’ Co-Counsel. “We fought this battle for eight long years, and truth and justice prevailed.”

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