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New York Employee's Lawyer

Attorney Steve Sack Comments on New York City's Gender Wage Gap
Long Island Business News, 5/02/17
Steven Mitchell Sack, "The Employee's Lawyer," was recently interview by Long Island Business News in regards to New York City's gender wage gap.

Attorney Steve Sack Comments on Federal Court's Ruling against Overtime Rule
Long Island Business News, 12/02/16
Steven Mitchell Sack, "The Employee's Lawyer," says the federal court's ruling that prevents the new overtime law from being implemented will hurt low-wage hourly workers who depend on overtime to make ends meet.

On November 22, the U.S. District Court in Texas put a stop to the rule that would have gone into effect on December 1 and would have allowed employees in non-managerial roles to collect overtime if they made less than approximately $47,500 a year. The salary threshold would have been readjusted every three years to keep in line with the current salaries. According to the Department of Labor, 62% of full-time salaried workers were eligible for overtime in 1975, compared to this year, when only 7% were allowed to collect overtime.

"It is disappointing that the current court action prevented this rule from taking effect," Mr. Sack said. "There are many people who work in low-level positions 50 to 60 hours a week. If they are working those additional hours, they should be allowed to earn that extra money. At the same time, employers must be in compliance to make sure their employees are properly categorized as either managers or non-managers or else face stiff penalties."

This was reported by Long Island Business News.