A Right to Money After Being Fired

Have you been fired right before an expected bonus or other anticipated financial benefit? If so, you may still have a claim to that money that you were owed.

Here’s a section of my book “The Employee Rights Handbook” that deals with just that. Read now and get informed!


Negotiating Strategies to Achieve Maximum Compensation (Part Four)

“What will happen, God forbid, if something happens to someone in my family?” This is a scary question for anyone, but especially terrifying for someone who has just lost their job and their health benefits. After you are fired, many stresses and concerns run through your head. One of these concerns is what will happen […]

Negotiating Strategies to Achieve Maximum Compensation (Part Three)

For almost every individual, security in the future is a critical aspect of life. Employees often have this concern for their future and contribute into a retirement account or plan for the unknown with a long-term savings plan.

Knowing how to negotiate after being fired in a way that may save your goals and long-term […]

Negotiating Strategies to Achieve Maximum Compensation (Part Two)

As part one in this series states, employees deserve the right to negotiate in order to attempt to achieve the best options possible. Here is Part two which describes other aspects of the work place and negotiating strategies.


Negotiating Strategies to Achieve Maximum Compensation (Part One)

As an individual, you always want to get the best deal as possible. Being an employee is no different. As an employee, you should always try to receive the best compensation, pension, benefits, severance etc you can obtain.

When facing termination for any reason, do not accept the employer’s first offer regarding severance. Always request […]

When You Can’t Afford A Layoff

A layoff can be a stressful and traumatic time for any individual, but for some, it is just not an option. Whether it’s the consequence of financial need, or other personal reasons, many employees cannot accept a Layoff under any circumstances. If this sounds like you or someone you know, there is still hope and […]

It’s All in Good Faith….Right?

As a long-term employee, you have a certain protection against employers firing in bad faith, but it’s not always a simple concept. What constitutes a “long-term” employee? What is “bad faith”? It’s important for you to get informed and understand the ins and outs of employment law.

Here’s a section of my book “The Employee […]

Think You’re an Employee?…Think Again

When you’re working for a company or employer of some kind, it would only make sense to think of yourself as an employee wouldn’t it? Ah, if only it was that simple. However, various positions of employment are considered “Independent Contractors” for various reasons under the law and the differences between the two titles are […]

An Oral Contract Ain’t What it Used to Be

Long gone are the days where a man’s word was worth its weight in gold. In today’s modern age, false assurances can leave an individual disappointed and sometimes seemingly hopeless. But nothing is more detrimental than a broken promise given by a future or current employer. In today’s economy, employees can no longer risk the […]

Why It’s Best to Never Resign From a Job

Most employees do not know how to resign properly. The slightest mistake can cause the forfeiture of valuable benefits. Some people resign without receiving a job offer from a new employer. Later, after learning the new job did not materialize, they are unable to be rehired by their former employer and spend months out of […]