Steven Mitchell Sack Interviewed by Forbes on the Latest Employment Law Trends

Topics Included Age Discrimination Law Updates, Negotiating Job Termination Packages

Steven Mitchell Sack, “The Employee’s Lawyer,” was recently interviewed for two separate articles on employment law by Forbes, a major business publication.

The first article focused on whether the United States would update its age discrimination laws to match those of The Equality Act in the United Kingdom, which permits younger workers to sue employers for age discrimination. According to attorney Sack, “While it’s a great question in theory, an expanded law will never happen because it’s illogical and impractical in practice. Protecting a 28-year-old from age discrimination is silly. It’s hard enough to prove it when you have a 60-year-old, unless you have substantial proof.”

Mr. Sack was interviewed for a second article with Forbes on knowing your rights when you are terminated from a job and effective strategies to negotiate enhanced severance packages. In the article “Why Every Employment Termination Is Negotiable: 33 Dos and Dont’s To Get What You Deserve,” written by Sheila Callaham, attorney Sack advised those looking to take a job termination package not to accept the first offer from an employer. “The first thing to remember is that every firing is negotiable, so long as no misconduct is involved,” Mr. Sack said. He also stated that anything can be negotiated, from bonuses to health benefits to use of the company car. Most importantly, according to Sack, if you are fired unexpectedly, you should remember the first three tips: never lose your temper, negotiate everything you can instead of accepting the employer’s initial offer and continue to draw a salary from the company for as long as possible.

The entire article can be viewed by clicking here.

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