Steven Mitchell Sack to Appear on “Fox and Friends” to Discuss Ruling for French Information Technology Employees

On April 12, 2014, attorney Steven Mitchell Sack “The Employee’s Lawyer,” will appear on Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends” to speak about the recent ruling that allows certain information technology staff members in France to turn off their cell phones and laptops after hours.

French labor unions and two employers’ federations for the technology and consulting industries reached an agreement after a court last year found the existing employee protections regarding work hours were not sufficient. The current deal allows IT workers at risk of burnout the opportunity to refuse to answer emails or text messages from employers. It also makes sure that they will be connected without infringing on their rights under the country’s 35-hour work week.

“Workers should be able to put their own personal health above their jobs,” Mr. Sack said. “If your job is taking a mental, physical or emotional toll on you, speak to an employment lawyer to explore your rights and options. Additionally, if you are an hourly worker who is required to be available to a supervisor after hours, you might consider time spent texting or responding to a boss after hours as compensable time. Furthermore, if you are fired for refusing to respond after hours and your unemployment benefits are contested by the former employer, you may have a reasonable basis to receive such benefits after a hearing.”

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