Steven Mitchell Sack Supports Governor Cuomo’s Legislation to Protect Nail Salon Workers in New York State

Attorney Steven Mitchell Sack, “The Employee’s Lawyer,” says Governor Andrew Cuomo’s legislation that would crack down on nail salons which exploit their workers or operate without a license will provide much-needed protection for the employees who work in dangerous conditions while not being justly compensated.

On May 18, Governor Cuomo proposed a bill that would authorize the state to shut down or place hefty fines on businesses that break the law. The legislation would allow unlicensed nail workers to register with the state as trainees so they can still work while studying to obtain their licenses.

Under the legislation, businesses must provide protective equipment to their employees, such as respirators for those working on acrylic nails, and goggles when transferring hazardous materials such as nail polish remover between containers. They must also post an employee Bill of Rights and any cease-and-desist notices they receive. Further, those establishments that operate without a license will be closed until they receive the proper permits, while legitimate salons may lose their licenses if they violate the law.

“For too long, these hardworking employees have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous nail salon owners who have cheated them out of their pay, exposed them to hazardous chemicals which led to health problems and confined them to abusive work conditions,” Mr. Sack says. “I urge the state Legislature to pass this bill so that these workers can be afforded the protections they deserve.”

Mr. Sack is available to comment further on the subject.


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