McDonald’s Joins Companies Nationwide that are Raising Wages

McDonald’s has recently taken measures to improve wages and benefits for its employees. However, these newly implemented policies will only affect those employed by the company stores, not franchisees. As part of the new benefits, employees will see an increase in salary to at least $1 above the local minimum wage, eligibility for time off, and a new program applying to all employees who wish to earn a high school diploma or fund their college education. 90,000 workers would be affected at 1,500 McDonald’s restaurants. This means that 90% of McDonald’s workers would not see these benefits as the majority of the restaurants are franchisee-owned.

As wage pressure becomes increasingly competitive, companies such as McDonald’s are raising wages of employees.  Walmart, the nation’s largest employer, set the trend in raising wages in February prompting economic analysts to point out that wage increases will lead to a tightened job market.

Additionally, there has been a recent movement across college campuses in the U.S. to raise wages to $15. Those involved in the movement have expressed concern about graduating from college into a job market that doesn’t provide for them to repay their student loan debts. The advocates of the campus movement believe they have had an impact, beginning with Walmart’s wage boosts. In addition, since the beginning of the year, 21 states have increased the minimum wage.  Seattle raised its minimum wage to $15, making it the highest minimum wage in the country.

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