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The Importance of Written Contracts
Two recent significant lawsuit cases settled by attorney Steven Mitchell Sack illustrate the importance of having written contracts and taking prompt legal action to enforce them. The first case settled for $95,000 after a court-ordered mediation in Federal Court in the Southern District of New York before a magistrate. The second case, also a lawsuit filed in federal court in New York City, settled for $178,000.

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“Simply written and easy to digest, this book may save you some serious money in determining what your rights are in the workplace. If you feel you have been discriminated against, want to know what the grounds are for an illegal firing, or are unsure of what kind of lawyer to see if you are planning to sue, you should get a copy...”
—New Woman Magazine

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After Eight Years, Terminated Employees Receive $6.2 Million Jury Verdict in Pregnancy Discrimination Case against Medical Services Company

Scott A. Lucas of The Law Offices of Scott A. Lucas and Steven Mitchell Sack of The Law Offices of Steven Mitchell Sack have helped three women who were fired from their jobs for being pregnant obtain a $6.2 million jury verdict in the matter of Santana, et. al v. G.E.B. Medical Management, Inc., et. al., 305261-08.

New York Post,
"Mother of all victorie$," 9/17/15.