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Attorney Steven Sack Conducts Closing Seminar for Sales Representatives in the Janitorial, Plastic Supply and Paper Industry in Las Vegas on January 22, 2010



Steven Sack recently gave a 90 minute legal presentation to independent contractor sales rep members belonging to the Manufacturers Representatives Of America, Inc. (MRA) Association. The seminar was devoted to advising attendees how to avoid being exploited and protect commissions and lines from principals before working, while acting as a sales rep, and after resigning or being fired from a line. The seminar was conducted at Caesar's Palace on January 22, 2010.

Mr. Sack reminded members that it's best to avoid being hired an a handshake. "If the company won't give you a contract, send them a letter detailing the important deal points that were agreed to. Write the letter with precision since any ambiguity will be construed against the letter-drafter. Most importantly, the letter should state that if any of the proposed terms are inaccurate or incorrect, a written response must be returned stating what was not agreed to. If no such response is forthcoming, your letter will be viewed as an accurate expression of the parties' intentions and, in many cases, will serve as a deal memo. That is how you convert a handshake into a written agreement!"

Mr. Sack has served as General Counsel for MRA members since 1995. He is the author of several books for salespeople including The Salesperson's Legal Guide and Sales Rep Strategies For Dealing With Principals Successfully. These books will be re-released through his company Legal Strategies Publications in the future.