THE EMPLOYEE RIGHTS HANDBOOK: Effective Legal Strategies To Protect Your Job From Interview To Pink Slip

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New York – You’ve just been fired. Like thousands of people, you’re probably too stunned or confused to know what to do about it. Can you fight the firing? Can you negotiate more severance and other benefits than the company has offered? What about obtaining a favorable job reference and unemployment compensation? Can you do this without a lawyer’s assistance?

That’s where attorney Steven Mitchell Sack’s new book, THE EMPLOYEE RIGHTS HANDBOOK: Effective Legal Strategies To Protect Your Job From Interview To Pink Slip (Legal Strategies Publications, November 15, 2010) will help.

“A job is like a romance,” says Sack, The Employee’s Lawyer. “Companies woo applicants with promises of security, fulfillment, and riches. Then, when the honeymoon is over, even highly qualified people find themselves being treated unfairly. Many don’t receive promised benefits such as year-end bonuses, commissions, health insurances, and overtime. Others are fired without cause or notice through no fault of their own.”

THE EMPLOYEE RIGHTS HANDBOOK, Sack’s 19th book, is a special legal guide written in plain English which provides all the essential information workers, executives, managers, consultants, and professionals need to properly protect themselves, before, during, and after their jobs have ended. It was written exclusively for employees from their perspective and for their protection. The book offers hundreds of practical, proven strategies all workers can understand and follow. The book is a first-aid kit to understanding one’s job rights, giving you the information and power to fight back, cut a deal if you are fired, and land firmly on your feet. Most important, this comprehensive guide tells how to anticipate and avoid common sticky situations during all stages in the employment process, informing you:

• How to protect yourself from sexual harassment
• How to be properly hired
• Steps to take if you resign or are fired
• How to negotiate to receive maximum post-termination severance and other benefits
• What to do about defamatory job references
• How to win a case without a lawyer’s assistance