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Social Sciences Reviews, Sep 15, 2010

Sack, Steven Mitchell. The Employee Rights Handbook: Effective Legal Strategies To Protect Your Job from Interview to Pink Slip. 3d ed. Legal Strategies. Nov. 2010. c.640p. index. ISBN 9780963630674. $39.95. BUS

Sack, author of 11 other legal titles (e.g., The Lifetime Legal Guide), has revised and expanded his previous, 2000 edition of The Employee Rights Handbook. Once again taking a linear path, Sack advises readers on topics from avoiding prehiring abuses and protecting on-the-job rights through postemployment litigation and finding and hiring a lawyer. His writing style is accessible, though real-life examples are insulated from reality by privacy considerations. Readers looking for a quick answer generally will be rewarded. There's an abundance of sample documents (helpfully listed in a secondary table of contents) and a glossary. The "Directory of Resources" from previous editions is absent here, probably a wise choice in a climate of high-speed change. VERDICT Readers looking for an all-in-one employee legal primer or layperson's quick reference should find this a useful tool.—Brian Walton, Tampa-Hillsborough Cty. P.L., FL