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Social Sciences Reviews, Sep 15, 2010

Sack, Steven Mitchell. The Employee Rights Handbook: Effective Legal Strategies To Protect Your Job from Interview to Pink Slip. 3d ed. Legal Strategies. Nov. 2010. c.640p. index. ISBN 9780963630674. $39.95. BUS

Sack, author of 11 other legal titles (e.g., The Lifetime Legal Guide), has revised and expanded his previous, 2000 edition of The Employee Rights Handbook. Once again taking a linear path, Sack advises readers on topics from avoiding prehiring abuses and protecting on-the-job rights through postemployment litigation and finding and hiring a lawyer. His writing style is accessible, though real-life examples are insulated from reality by privacy considerations. Readers looking for a quick answer generally will be rewarded. There's an abundance of sample documents (helpfully listed in a secondary table of contents) and a glossary. The "Directory of Resources" from previous editions is absent here, probably a wise choice in a climate of high-speed change. VERDICT Readers looking for an all-in-one employee legal primer or layperson's quick reference should find this a useful tool.—Brian Walton, Tampa-Hillsborough Cty. P.L., FL


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After Eight Years, Terminated Employees Receive $6.2 Million Jury Verdict in Pregnancy Discrimination Case against Medical Services Company

Scott A. Lucas of The Law Offices of Scott A. Lucas and Steven Mitchell Sack of The Law Offices of Steven Mitchell Sack have helped three women who were fired from their jobs for being pregnant obtain a $6.2 million jury verdict in the matter of Santana, et. al v. G.E.B. Medical Management, Inc., et. al., 305261-08.

New York Post,
"Mother of all victorie$," 9/17/15.