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Social Sciences Reviews, Sep 15, 2010

Learn your legal rights as an Employee
Michelle Dunn
"Columnist, author, credit expert, marketing guru"

I see now why The Employee Rights Handbook is in its third edition. This book is so important especially now with the economy still in a recession and more and more people involved in job searches and trying to keep their jobs. This book shares with the reader how they can get hired, and what to do if you feel you have been unfairly fired. Written by an attorney this book is full of legal information you won't find anywhere else. If you feel threatened at your job, by either unfairness, or by being fired and you want to protect your rights in the workplace and learn how you can save money, aggravation and expenses if you have a job related legal problem. The book is easy to read, not a bunch of long legal words that none of us know how to pronounce or what they mean. If you have suffered from discrimination at work, this book can help you deal with that in a legal manner. The book also has a load of helpful forms, checklists, contracts and letters for every situation that you can use or customize to fit your individual situation. All in all, a very helpful book.