After Eight Years, Terminated Employees Receive $6.2 Million Jury Verdict in Pregnancy Discrimination Case against Medical Services Company

In the lawsuit, the three women — two of whom worked as an administrative assistants and another as a biller — established themselves as solid performers, but when it was discovered that they were pregnant or suspected of being pregnant, they were harassed by their employer, falsely accused of poor performance and later fired. The […]

Steven Mitchell Sack Wins Settlement for Client in Sexual Harassment Case

Steven Mitchell Sack successfully reached a settlement on behalf of a dental hygienist who was allegedly sexually harassed by her boss. The woman was fired after she filed a sexual harassment complaint to the owner of the dental practice (and the alleged perpetrators) and told the owner that she would no longer tolerate her boss’ […]

Five Effective Ways to Reduce Lawsuits Resulting from Incidents Occurring at Holiday Parties

According to the executive search firm Battalia Winston, 96% of corporations surveyed stated that they would hold holiday parties for their employees this year ― its highest level since 1997. That is up from 91% last year and 74% from two years ago. The survey also showed that 89% of the companies intended to spend […]

Steven Mitchell Sack to Discuss Employees’ Privacy Rights Regarding Their Health Information on BronxNet’s “Today’s Verdict”

Attorney Steven Mitchell Sack, “The Employee’s Lawyer,” is scheduled to appear on tonight’s edition of “Today’s Verdict,” which airs at 6:30 p.m. on BronxNet.

Mr. Sack will discuss employees’ privacy rights when it comes to their employers, namely the employees’ health information. The topics include whether employers can collect their employees’ health information and possibly […]

Leading Employment Lawyer Says NYS Court of Appeals Decision Will Impact All Servers in Food Service Industry

Attorney Steven Mitchell Sack, “The Employee’s Lawyer,” says the recent New York State Court of Appeals decision regarding baristas’ share of their tips may have a ripple effect on all servers in New York who work at bars, diners, restaurants and coffee shops.


Fox Guests Battle Over New CVS Health Policy, Resort To Personal Attacks: ‘You Just Write Books!’

CVS has outraged many by announcing that it wants all employees who wish to use its health plan to submit health information such as weight, body fat, and blood sugar. Those who don’t comply with the drug store chain’s new policy will face a $600/year fine. To debate the merits and fairness of this move, […]

Leading Employment Lawyer Blasts CVS for Asking Workers to Voluntarily Give Their Health Statistics or Else Face a Fine

Attorney Steven Mitchell Sack, “The Employee’s Lawyer,” appeared on “Fox & Friends” this morning to discuss CVS’ new work policy requiring its employees to disclose their personal health information or else pay a fine. He said the policy potentially violates the law, especially because the employees are being forced to consent to this policy.


Steven Mitchell Sack Named General Counsel for Two National Sales Representative Organizations in 2013

Attorney Steven Mitchell Sack, “The Employee’s Lawyer,” has been retained by the Eastern Outdoor Reps Association (EORA) and The National Shoe Travelers (NST) as General Counsel throughout the 2013 year.


Steven Mitchell Sack Says Those Who Post Negative Reviews and Comments Online May Face Lawsuits

Steven Mitchell Sack appeared on “FOX & Friends” on December 7 to discuss how negative statements and comments about a business, competitor, contractor or person on the Internet may expose the author to expensive litigation.


Why It’s Best to Never Resign From a Job

Most employees do not know how to resign properly. The slightest mistake can cause the forfeiture of valuable benefits. Some people resign without receiving a job offer from a new employer. Later, after learning the new job did not materialize, they are unable to be rehired by their former employer and spend months out of […]